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Cacher for Slack gives users the ability to create snippets and get notifications right in Slack channels.


Getting started

Add Cacher for your Slack organization

To add the Cacher for Slack app, at least one member of your Slack organization needs to complete the following steps:

  1. Click User Dropdown > Personal Settings
    User dropdown
  2. Select Services from the side menu. info_outlineYou can also navigate to app.cacher.io/enter?action=add_slack_auth in your browser.
  3. Click the Enable button for Slack.
    Services Slack
  4. Review the Cacher app permissions and click Authorize.
  5. Since Slack is a feature of the Cacher Team Plan, upgrade your plan if necessary by navigating to: User Dropdown > Account and Billing > Change Plan. info_outlineYou can also navigate to app.cacher.io/enter?action=change_to_plan&p=team in your browser.

Features added

Enabling the Cacher for Slack app for your Slack organization adds the following features:

For the entire org:

For yourself and each user who authenticates with Slack:

To enable team activity notifications, you must take the additional step of enabling Slack for a specific Cacher team. Follow the steps below.

Enable activity notifications for new Cacher team

View our guide on creating a team to view steps on enabling Slack notifications.

Enable activity notifications for existing Cacher team

  1. Select the team in the left-hand side account selector.
  2. Click on the settings button in the header.
    Team library settings
  3. Select Slack in the side menu.
  4. Click Enable Slack.
    Enable Slack
  5. Change the notification settings as necessary for your team and click Save Settings.
    Save Slack settings


Create snippets with command

Type /create-snippet [title] in any Slack message input to bring up the New Snippet dialog.

New snippet dialog

Create snippets from channel messages

Click the context menu to the top-right of any Slack message to access the Create as snippet action. This will trigger the New Snippet dialog with prefilled file contents .

Message menu

Unfurl Cacher links

Paste a snippet URL from app.cacher.io or snippets.cacher.io to preview its content as a new Slack message.

Link unfurl

Team activity notifications

Team notification

Turn on Slack notifications to receive activity notifications whenever a Cacher team member does one of the following:


To uninstall Cacher for Slack for your Slack organization, point your browser to https://[your-org].slack.com/apps/AB284UJGM-cacher and click the Remove App button.

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