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Team policies

Team policies help ensure privacy compliance across your team.

Enforce private snippets and labels

Turning on the Enforce Private Snippets/Labels policy restricts the ability of team members to create public snippets and labels.

Enabling the policy

You can enable the policy either when creating the team or by editing team settings.

notes Note: Turning on the policy for an existing team does not change the privacy status of any existing snippets and labels. These must be updated manually.

When creating a team

The policy can be turned on in the Settings step of creating a team.

Enable enforce private policy when creating a team

For an existing team

  1. Click on the settings button next to the team title in the left-hand sidebar to open up Team Settings.
  2. Select Policies in the navigation menu.
  3. Toggle on Enforce Private Snippets/Labels.
  4. Click Save Settings.
Enable enforce private policy when editing team
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