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Cacher for Slack

Introducing Cacher for Slack

Empower your developers to build snippets through communication. Link your Slack and Cacher accounts to enable awesome abilities.

Create snippets from messages

Teammate posted something that’d be useful to remember? Use the Create as snippet context menu action to create a snippet from the message.

Create as snippet
New snippet dialog

Create snippets anytime

Use the /create-snippet [title] slash command from any channel’s message prompt to bring up the New Snippet dialog.

Unfurl Cacher links

Paste a snippet URL from app.cacher.io or snippets.cacher.io to preview its content as a new Slack message.

Unfurl links

Stay on top of team activities

Turn on Slack team notifications to receive notifications when a Cacher team member creates, updates or deletes a snippet or label.

Team notifications

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