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Cacher for IntelliJ Platform

Introducing Cacher for the IntelliJ Platform

The best way to integrate snippets into your IntelliJ-based IDE workflow.

Use snippets in your IDE of choice

Our Cacher for IntelliJ plugin enables you to create snippets from project code and quickly insert snippets from your Cacher libraries.

Tool Window

Cacher adds an entry to the bottom toolbar of your IDE. Open it to quickly find and insert a snippet from your personal/team libraries.

Find snippet dialog

Find Snippet Dialog

Assign a keyboard shortcut for opening the Find Snippet Dialog to quickly access your snippets while editing.

Create Snippet Dialog

Create a snippet from selected text or an active file with the Create Snippet Dialog. From here you can assign a color-coded label or pick a code reviewer before saving.

Create snippet dialog

Other plugin features

Cacher for IntelliJ adds the following to your IDE experience.
New snippet from text selection

With text selected in your active editor, right-click the selection and select "Create Snippet from Selection...".

New snippet from editor tab

With a file open and no selected text, right-click the file's editor tab and select "Create Snippet from File...".

Quick action buttons

Navigate directly to the snippet within the Cacher web app or open its snippet page. (example)

Customizable shortcuts

Modify the shortcuts for the Find Snippet and Create Snippet commands to suit your personal needs with keymap preferences.

Native editor experience

Cacher for IntelliJ takes advantage of the same editor capabilities as your IDE, with syntax highlighting and editing preferences applied.

Refresh snippets

Reload your Cacher snippets once you've made a change to your snippets outside of your IDE.

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