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Cacher has special editing and rendering features for Markdown files, making it easy to draft and organize documentation.

notes Note: Learn more about Markdown and its syntax.


Editing markdown
  1. Click the dropdown arrow expand_more next to the New Snippet button.
  2. Select Markdown.
  3. Typing Markdown in the editor will cause the preview panel to automatically render the HTML equivalent.
  4. Click Save to create the snippet.
notes Note: If the Sync Scrolling play_for_work option is enabled, the preview panel will automatically scroll to where your cursor is in the editor.
notes Note: You can also manually create a Markdown snippet file by giving any file an extension of .md

Task Lists

Markdown Task List

You can create Task Lists to keep track of todos and other checklists. Click the playlist_add_check Add a task list button in the Markdown editor toolbar to add a Task List item. You can also enter the syntax into the editor directly.

Once a Task List item has been rendered, you can check/uncheck it by clicking directly on the checkbox. We'll automatically update the underyling source code.

Task Lists are enabled for snippet files, description and comments. Only users with edit permissions can click on checkboxes. (i.e. Disabled for team viewers.)


You can directly upload images or files to insert into your Markdown document. Click the attach_fileAttach File button and select one or more files to upload.

notes Note: For an even faster way of uploading files, just drag and drop them into the editor area.


Uploaded images will be displayed directly in your Markdown document.

Uploading images
notes Note: You can also paste images from your clipboard directly into the editor.


Uploading any non-image files will insert a link to the uploaded file.

Uploading files


You can export Markdown files by clicking on HTML or PDF options in the snippet file header, next to the file_download icon.

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