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Cacher Desktop

All your code snippets, organized in one place

Cacher is the best place to store your code snippets, whether you are an individual or a member of a team.
Organize with purpose

A place for every snippet

  • Snippets can be tagged with one or more color-coded labels — a way to categorize snippets by project or purpose.
  • Each Cacher user starts with a personal library, a collection of snippets and labels.
  • Users can join teams and collaborate with teammates on snippets in a shared library.

Build shared knowledge

Team snippets are the best way to distribute project knowledge, share tips and onboard new members.
Teach through code
Teach through code

The best way to impart knowledge is by sharing code snippets. Great for sharing a new trick or for helping a new team member get up to speed.

Get everyone on the same page
Get everyone on the same page

Use team libraries and labels to organize project knowledge. Every member views and contributes to the same set of snippets.

Create snippets through chat

Cacher for Slack gives chat participants the ability to save messages as snippets and stay on top of team activity.

The fastest way to create snippets

Our Tray App makes composing snippets a delightful experience. Use it to convert clipboard content and system files into snippets.

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Run server demo

Run snippet code locally

Fire up the Cacher Run Server to run code using your local machine's shell. Use it to quickly test algorithms or learn a new language.

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Customize your workflow

Many of our 3rd-party integrations are open-sourced, which means you can change Cacher to fit how you work.

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