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Cacher for Sublime Text

Introducing Cacher for Sublime Text

The best way to integrate snippets into your Sublime development workflow.

Use snippets in your favorite code editor

Our Sublime Text package enables you to create snippets from editor code and quickly insert snippets from your Cacher libraries.

Context Menu

While in an active editor, right-click the background to either Insert Snippet or Create Snippet.

Context menu
Tab context menu

Tab Context Menu

Right-click on any tab in the window to trigger the Create Snippet command.

Sidebar Menu

Select one or more files in the sidebar to send to the Create Snippet command. The new snippet will contain contents of the selected files.

Sidebar menu
Tools menu

Tools Menu

Cacher adds a submenu to the Tools menu. Find all the available commands here.

New snippet commands

Cacher for Sublime Text adds the following to your command palette.
Insert Snippet

Search for and insert a snippet file from your personal and team libraries.

Create Snippet

Create a snippet from either the text selection or the entire file (no selection).

Open Snippet in App

Find a snippet from your libraries and open it in the Cacher web app.

Open Snippet Page

Find a snippet from your libraries and open its Snippets page. (example)

Refresh Snippets

Reload your Cacher snippets. Do this once you've made a change to your snippets outside of Sublime.


Kick off the setup wizard to authenticate your Cacher account. Run this command if you need to switch users.

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