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Cacher for Atom Editor

Introducing Cacher for Atom Editor

The best way to integrate snippets into your Atom development workflow.

Use snippets in your favorite code editor

Our Atom Editor package enables you to create snippets from editor code and quickly insert snippets from your Cacher libraries.

Context Menu

Right-click on an active editor to bring up Cacher context menu actions. You can Create Snippet from the selected text (uses the entire file if no text selected) or Insert Snippet at the caret position.

Context menu

New snippet commands

Cacher for Atom Editor adds the following to your command palette.
Find Snippet

Find a snippet from your personal and team Cacher libraries. Searches across snippets' title, description and file content.

Create Snippet

Create a snippet from either the text selection or the entire file (no selection).


Reload your Cacher snippets. Do this once you've made a change to your snippets outside of Atom.

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