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Sublime Text

This package for Sublime Text gives Cacher users the ability to perform popular actions on their personal and team snippet libraries.


Getting started

  1. Open the Sublime Text Command Palette (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+P) and enter the command Package Control: Install Package.
  2. Search for Cacher and install the package.
  3. From the Command Palette, execute Cacher: Setup.
    Cacher Setup
  4. You'll be presented with an option to view credentials. Click Open Cacher. info_outlineYou can also navigate to the page via: app.cacher.io/enter?action=view_api_creds
  5. From the popped up webpage, sign up or sign in as a Cacher user.
  6. Once you are signed into Cacher, you should see a dialog on the top-right corner with your API KEY and API TOKEN values.
    API credentials
  7. Back in Sublime, enter your API key from step 5 into the input prompt.
    API key
  8. Next, enter your API token.
  9. You're all set! Open the Command Palette and type in Cacher: Insert Snippet to try inserting a snippet into your active editor.
notes Note: Your credentials are saved in .cacher/credentials.json under your OS's home folder. This file is also used to authenticate other apps, like the Cacher CLI, Atom Package and VSCode Extension.


Insert Snippet

Shortcut: Alt Shift I

Search for and insert a snippet file from your personal and team libraries.

Create Snippet

Shortcut: Alt Shift C

Create a snippet from either the text selection or the entire file (no selection). The command starts a wizard for you to choose:

notes Note: You can create a single snippet from multiple files selected in the sidebar.

Open Snippet in App

Shortcut: Alt Shift O

Find a snippet from your libraries and open it in the Cacher web app.

Open Snippet Page

Shortcut: Alt Shift P

Find a snippet from your libraries and open its Snippets page (example).

Refresh Snippets

Shortcut: Alt Shift R

Reload your Cacher snippets. Do this once you've made a change to your snippets outside of VSCode.


Kick off the setup wizard to authenticate your Cacher account. Run this command if you need to switch users.

Context Menu

While in an active editor, you can right-click the background to either Insert Snippet or Create Snippet.
Context menu

With a text selection

Without a text selection

Tab context menu

You can right-click on any tab in the window to trigger the Create Snippet command.

Tab context menu

Sidebar menu

Select one or more files in the sidebar to send to the Create Snippet command. The new snippet will contain contents of the selected files.

Sidebar menu

Tools menu

Cacher adds a submenu to the Tools menu. You can find all the available commands here.

Tools menu
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